You spend a lot of time, effort, thoughts and energy composing - what you think - is a great post, then go off and do other things, come back later, and it is still grey and forgotten.

Maybe some off-the-cuff humorous or sarcastic remark you made gathers 30 stars, but that big thinky piece still gathers dust, unseen.


Personally, I fucking HATE that. And I used to be ungrey’d at Splinter before the Great Stupid Purge (which shot itself in the foot and ultimately accomplished nothing positive anyhow.)

So here is my latest masterpiece, I’m putting it here so nobody else can see it... lol Originally posted here:

While Rump has not killed or destroyed as much physical stuff as a bunch of other Prez’s, I would still say he’s the worst ever for his narcissism, petty thin-skinnedness and constant need to be the center of everything and to be adulated, his sheer ignorance and stupidity (and very likely, mental deficiency due to dementia and/or drug use, like his rambling, word salad manner of unscripted speaking), his constant attacking and undermining of the systems of democracy, various agencies of the government, the checks and balances, the courts and so on, as well as his shameless, open and unbridled racism and bigotry. Couple all this with his constant barrage of anger and lies directed at the media; anything that isn’t positive for him is “fake news” - such reporting is not wrong, or incomplete, or biased or anything like that, it’s FAKE. Media being the enemy of the people is something he’s repeated a number of times now, maybe many times even. MEDIA being the ENEMY of the people. That’s how a dictator speaks. What other prez ever expressed themselves in such a manner?!

Meanwhile, he lies with the regularity and same casualness a normal person scratches an itch. Any uncomfortable truth or setback he inverts. His inauguration was the biggest ever, no prez ever got as many electoral votes as him, that’s just the start of it. Facts that are EASILY CHECKED, and people did of course and nobody really cared. It was met by a big ole /shrug that the Prez of Merica lies brazenly about anything and everything. How many thousand official lies is he even up to now? Last I heard was over 6000, and that was like, months ago now. He lies on the record hundreds of times per week and nobody gives a shit, least of all anyone in his own party. ...Which isn’t his own party since Rump has never had any sort of clear ideology beyond “whatever makes me the most money and makes me look the most awesome in the eyes of others.” So-called “never-Rumpers” all swung around to the whine of the party whip - or their own greed, since they obviously did not want to get shunned from the pork barrels. The entire Repugnicon party was commandeered lock, stock, by a cheap gilded pewter and cubic zirconia con-man!

Rump’s without a doubt the most divisive Merican prez ever - since the civil war at least - and he’s gleefully so. He takes delight in attacking and smearing whole swathes of Merican society, be it californians or puerto ricans or the poor or the sick or minorities of virtually every stripe in existence or democrats in general, and whips up his followers to follow his example.


Not only are hate crimes way up since he was elected, the whole manner of public discourse is changing because of this divisive motherfucker. Trust in experts, in those educated in a field is going down the crapper because of this guy and the way he constantly attacks anyone critical of him. In the 1950s, the most awesome you could be was an expert. This was immortalized in the rethorical “rocket scientist” expression. Today if you’re an expert you’re a liar. You’re “fake news.” Rump is tearing down society without a care in the world, purely for his own benefit, and his followers CHEER HIM for it. Gut instinct rules, gut instinct Rumps everything.

He was saluted Hitler-style by Ingraham and nobody really reacted. Lately he and several of his people have been saying things like ‘we have all the guns and bullets’, and ‘those behind the Mueller investigation and those reporting on it need to be punished’, and again nobody’s really reacting.


All of this is really fucking dangerous shit. Especially when Merica has the biggest military of any nation on this planet by far, and by general western standards is already quite brutal and authoritarian as a society. (Most people imprisoned of any country per capita AND absolute numbers, highest level of gun violence in the west, and so on.)

So this guy really is the worst president. He’s comically inept, vindictive, megalomaniacal, mythomaniacal, openly admires dictators and ceaselessly attacks anyone or anything blocking or criticizing him.


He’s the worst, he just is, because he’s wrecking Merica and nobody’s even trying to stop it.

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