Yesterday, I witnessed a young man assaulting his mother in a rage and terrorizing her, making her fear for her safety and life and threatening to ‘destroy her with his fists’, for not giving him money, and for trying to have him committed, then he threatened to murder her. Thankfully his crazed yelling attracted a large crowd of neighbors which stopped him from further harming his mother, while I was on the phone with the police. Then cops came and took him in.

I have lived in the same apartment building for nearly 25 years now, in june of next year it will be a quarter century. That’s more than twice as long as I’ve lived anywhere else.


I watched this guy grow up, he’s maybe 22 now, or thereabouts. Tall, slim, handsome. When I first saw him, he was maybe six, or so. A tiny, timid little kid. His mother was a dish, today she would have called a MILF - not that I’m into stuff like that myself. He has two younger sisters, they were both incredibly beautiful as they were growing up, but I haven’t seen either of them for a while now, they may have moved out. Maybe they fled, because of their brother, who has been abusive to at least one of them in the past as well.

Over the years I saw him grow. He started smoking quite early on, and apparently moved onto drugs later. Apparently he’s well known to the police, who has taken him in a number of times in the past. I was only aware of one prior incident, the one where he had hit his sister, where he was behaving in a very obsessed, volatile and erratic manner. It was obvious he was high on something.

The mother looked really rough yesterday, and not just because she was frightened. She looks aged, for real. Like fear and stress, and maybe substance abuse of her own has physically worn on her. An older neighbor woman said the guy has beaten his mother before; I don’t doubt it. And I can’t stop thinking of how I saw her kid when he was growing up, how innocent he was then, and what a monster he is now.

A cop questioned me (over the phone) about what I’d witnessed, because the mother doesn’t want to press charges - stupidly. It’s that old thing where a parent tries to defend their child even though it’s really the worst thing they could do. He needs to be committed, because he’s dangerous and violent. The cop said he might be released instead, I tried to press to the cop just how big a menace to his mother he really is. I hope they’ll listen.


Fuck drugs. Just fuck ‘em.

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