Pancaeks, Goddammit!

I’m hungry as all hell right now, so here’s my own secret recipe for pancakes:

Scandinavian-style Thin Pancakes:

  • 0.5 liters fresh whole milk
  • 2 deciliters high protein wheat flour
  • 3 large free-range eggs
  • Sea salt to taste
  • Fresh, cultivated butter to fry with (bring plenty for extra yummy)

(Recipe can be doubled for more food - although prepare for lots of frying!)

Pour milk into a mixer if you have one, start it up on low speed. Add flour one measure at a time, and let mix. Add eggs and salt, let mix. Ramp up the speed briefly (press the pulse button a few times, if your mixer has one) to activate the gluten. Don’t run the mixer on too high a setting for long or fat from the egg yolks will separate out on top (ask me how I know!)


Then let batter rest for about 15 minutes or so.

Use a medium size iron skillet preferably, heat to medium-high heat; not so hot that the butter burns, but still hot enough to give nice coloration.


Add a dollop of butter to pan and spread it out as it melts. You should want a decent amount so the pancake gets a nice crispy outer edge when done. When pan is hot and butter is starting to brown, use a measure to scoop out a sufficient quantity of batter so it spreads thinly when you lift the pan and tilt it about. Let fry until golden on the underside (top side should have pretty much coagulated.)

Use a wide spatula to flip over. Be quick about it but not violent, or your pancaek will sag and tear and we wouldn’t want that! Fry some more until fully cooked.


Either put aside on a plate (for example in the oven heated to 100C while you fry up the next one), or let a friend or family member consume it directly piping hot while you continue to slave at the stove.

Before eating, spread a nice high quality fruit jam on top, or maybe honey, or sprinkle on sugar and maybe cinnamon too... Whatever you like. Then nom with much enjoyment.


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